Is there any chart library working both on iphone and android applications? [closed]

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asked Feb 14, 2011 by calinb

I need to develop an application on both iphone and android which have to support chart plots. (Or perhaps a similar chart library for ios/android platforms.)

Or what do you recommend? Thanks

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answered Feb 14, 2011 by savvas-dalkitsis

If your app will work only online you can use this:

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answered Feb 14, 2011 by dbyrne

Your best bet is a pure javascript charting library like Flot.

I've seen plenty of flot tutorials for Android, and according to this link flot works fine on iphone except for the mouseover events.

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answered Sep 17, 2015 by jona

I recommend looking into building the application using Adobe AIR.

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answered Nov 8 by ooeric

Please try this one for iOS:

It is inspired by an Android library called MPAndroidChart.

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